Ceramic Tile Christmas Coasters - Traditional and Whimsical

Hello all! I have been working feverishly on all things Christmas - it seems too early to be doing so but i know the holidays will sneak up on me before I know it! I wanted to take a moment to share two new sets of coasters that I have developed for the holidays :) The first set is more traditional - deep reds and greens with images of Christmas trees and Santa Claus. The second set is a bit more whimsical - pinks, blues and oranges along with more dainty prints of snowflakes and snowmen.

All of my ceramic tile coasters are made with the same method - first, I find and recycle plain white ceramic tiles. Second, there is a great scrapbook store here in Orlando where I can find really unique and fun paper :) So I pick out a few pieces to make a set and cut out 4"x4" squares with my handy dandy zig-zaggy scissors. Third, I place the paper on the tile and apply 4 or so layers of mod podge and after that has all dried, I slap on a few layers of polyurethane to keep the coaster nice and protected from your drink! So if the polyurethane was step four, step five is painting the edges of the coaster - it is an unfinished tile when I get it so I just put some white paint on the edges to make it look a bit more finished. Lastly, I glue a piece of felt to the back and voila - a finished coaster!

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